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Our Computer Services

 In this Page we wants tell about RAMA DEL computer services. in computer services we provided deferent types of computer services.

Regular Computer services

If your computer is damaged and you do not know who is the right engineer, you can make your computer, Do not worry at all, RAMA DEL will solve your problem. What happens in regular services that if you have not taken your AMC plane then you call Rama Dall and only take 99 Rupees from you, And repair your computer and reach your home office.

Regular services Step.

in regular service you can call us any working time (9am to 7pm) to get services.For this, you can also make a booking through the website or you can also call us.In regular services, you have to pay a charge of 99 ₹ to the services engineer and then your system will be serviced after that.

Laptop Repair At Home

Computer Repair Home presents an endless irresistible package of newborn repair technology for the convenience and comfort of computer users. Here, we offer speedy & spot same-day laptop repair at home service at an affordable price to fix all sorts of problems of your device either pertained to software and hardware. We have taken the initiative to provide budget-friendly laptop repair services in Varanasi.

What Makes You Think That We Are The Ultimate Laptop Repair Service in Varanasi?

As we strictly followed the concrete measures to revive the computer while fixing the issues against plenty of problems. Have a cursory look at our well-known laptop repair home services for the below conditions or damages that we repair in past. is a one-stop destination for the people who wish to have a spectacular technology solution in the laptop repair world where each and every issue gets fixed in front of customer’s very eyes. Computer Repair Expert is committed to providing top-notch solutions according to your repairing needs and issues. Do fetch transparent laptop repair services on phone number 9519224009 that meet your requirements and in line with your expectations.

Why Choose Us For Laptop Repair at Home Service Varanasi?

Experience! – Our highly qualified technicians take care of privately owned corporations and individuals, providing for all computer stand in need of including brand new PC & support services for Laptop repair at home in Varanasi. As business owners, we understand the security and confidentiality of private business information and intellectual property saved on laptops and computers. Look at it this way and think about the rise of paperless and online systems, information can be more accessible than ever and therefore, more vulnerable. That is why; we are working with a notion focusing on how organizations and individuals can stay safe and secure.

24/7 Support Services – Everything we do at Computer Repair in-house is geared up with a unique driven quality and experience. We’re dedicated to providing services for ramadel in Varanasi all day and night when you need them. Not only this, but we are also continually improving our customer service and repair abilities year after year. Now, think it’s just one of the advantages of working with us. We are sure, by having such a terrific Laptop repair at home service; you can have peace of mind that your system will be covered if the worst does happen.


Computer repair at home is a private-owned doorstep facility in response to the perspicuous need for computer service all over VARANASI, its surrounding areas. Here, we do the utmost to deliver a holistic experience from the professionals to the amateurs through our satisfactory technology-driven solutions at their doorstep.

Guaranteed full focus and meticulous customer service are our priorities if bumped into any problem while using a computer or laptop. We believe in long-term relationships with our clients and always strive to deliver value-added quality repair.

Computer repair at home technical support specialists attend routine training programs in order to stay abreast of new technology solutions. Thus, we avail professional services to small organizations and individuals at reasonable rates around the clock to run their systems as before.

Believe In Excellence & Innovation

Our Laptop Repair Services – Apart from offering specific solutions for the peculiar laptop issues, we deliver general service too for our clients no matter what the deal is?

First-Rated Fastest Repair Service Affordable Price!

Indeed, the fact of life is “Laptop / Computer”! It is hard to imagine or overlook without them. Yeah, they have grown swiftly and become a much-necessitated tool throughout the world. Not far is the day when we have intelligible machines. But what if computers or laptops suddenly stopped working? Don’t bother, nothing can stop or slow down your work unless Laptop repair in Varanasi services is available to take care of.  The remedy is available for everything, whether the issue is major or minor.

Now, Customer with a void warranty can easily get fixed their laptop or computers at Laptop repair in Delhi whenever and wherever they want without being tense.

How We Examine Systems At Laptop Repair in Varanasi

  • Standard tests are done by an experienced team of engineers.
  • Personal tests, where needed.
  • Machine tests for performance issues.
  • Several Dry runs for customer satisfaction.
Service Offered*
  • USB Port services
  • Speaker/ Mic
  • Power supply damage
  • Window installation
  • Touchpad
  • Screen Repair
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Data Recovery
  • Charging Port Repair
Our Promise

RAMA DIGITAL ELECTRONIC LAB! Services deliver on the promise what we do make to our clients. If a customer wants a task completed on the same day and entreats for Laptop repair to the living location or RAMA DEL LAB. We take the acknowledgment of client requests in order to fulfill the demand for laptop accessories and services in the proposed time frame. Instead of depending on luck; we focus on certain rock-solid principles:

  • Endeavor To Meet The High Standards Customer Service
  • Listen To Customers
  • Honest with the Customers
  • Client Satisfaction Matters
  • Incessant Improved And Refined Service.

Delivering The Best Match Solutions For Laptops (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the charge for a Home Visit/Onsite?

We charge relatively modest fees. Rs.129 for a home visit which is nominal for the customer, but the cost of repair could be varied by the work and service destination. Our engineers always make sure whether the client getting for their money.

Where do you provide Laptop Repair Home Service?

Our economical services of laptop repairs are available all over Varanasi or its surrounding areas. We provide instant & same day laptop repair service to a number of working professionals who are in continual need of well-grounded laptop repair service. Get in touch with our tech-savvy engineers to book an appointment for a doorstep solution.